Friday, February 21, 2014


This is not the Marvel character. There was a World War II-era character of the same name. However, the character (due to his revision of origin) is basically two different characters. Like many Golden Age superheroes, he is public domain.
Daredevil had two origins and costumes related to the origins.
His original costume
Originally, Daredevil had a Batman-like origin. Bart Hill witnessed his parents being killed. The trauma led him to become mute and a superhero. He trained himself to become a boomerang marksman. He used this to aid his crime fighting.
    His normal costume
Due to Bart speaking in his second appearance, his origin was changed to a more Tarzan-like origin. Bart's parents died in Australia. An aboriginal tribe raised him and taught Bart how to use boomerangs. Inexplicably, he became a superhero when he returned to America and can speak perfect English.

Regardless of origin, Daredevil fought in World War II. He teamed up with fellow heroes Dickie Dean, Pirate Prince, Cloud Curtis, Lance Hale and Silver Streak. He fought villains such as the Claw, Adolf Hilter, Wolf Carson, the Scarlet Skull (not to be confused with the Red Skull), Deadly Dozen and the Bolt.

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