Friday, February 28, 2014

Gay Guy

An example of his abilities
John Byrne has written many great works. He has written the Fantastic Four, a Superman reboot, the X-Men, the Next-Men the IDW Star Trek comics and the start of the Hellboy series. However, his incipient work, Gay Guy, is (to put it politely) political incorrect.
As a kid, Gaylord Le Guye had his lollipop stolen by the villainess Ruby the Dyke. Somehow, this made him think all women are evil. He swore "by the spirit of my poor lollipop that I shall spend my life fighting evil!" Years later, he used his inheritance (from his now-dead parents) to become a superhero modeling his costume after a butterfly. He worked with Police Chief Znurn.
Gay Guy uses his wits and gadgets to fight crime. He knows that he is in a comic strip. As such, he can use this to his advantage such as attack someone in the next panel. He has secret base under a beauty salon and a "Homobile".

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