Sunday, April 13, 2014

Captain Tootsie

Captain Tootsie is on the right
As I mentioned in my "NFL Superpro" post, a common tactic to advertise a product is to have a superhero based around the product. One of the oldest example of this is today's subject: Captain Tootsie. Created by C. C. Beck (creator of the original Captain Marvel), Captain Tootsie appeared in 1940s ads that told one-page stories similar to the later Hostess ads.
Captain Tootsie was a superhero. He was assisted by the Secret Legion (who consisted of three young boys: Rollo, Fisty and Fasto). The quartet would go on adventures do feats such as fighting villains and daring rescues. CT would eat Tootsie rolls to get the energy boost he needed. As such, he would carry a yellow man bag full of them.
These ads were distinctive due to his creator's use of clean and open line work. Tootsie got a two-issued comic book in the 1950s. However, the ads disappeared during this era (due to changing taste in comic books at the time). In 1997, Toby Press featured Captain Tootsie on a phone card. However, he was incorrectly colored.

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