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Super-Soldier in the foreground
DC Comics and Marvel Comic had an event where their universes combined into one (under the name Amalgam Comics). As such, many of the resulting characters were combinations of one character from each universe (for example, Wolverine + Batman = Dark Claw). Super-Soldier is a combination of Superman and Captain America.
The U.S. army made a "Super-Soldier" formula from the cells of a dead alien found in a crashed spaceship. During World War II, volunteer Clark Kent was injected with the formula. After being exposed to solar radiation, Clark Kent gained super powers. Clark Kent became the superhero Super-Soldier. Reporter Jimmy Olsen, who found out about the project, decided to keep quiet in exchange for the government giving him exclusive infomation for his news stories. Super-Soldier got the sidekick, American Girl, and became an All-Star Winners Squadron member. Clark Kent was in love with Lois Lane, who married the cold-hearted billionaire Lex Luthor, much to Clark's chargin. Super-S fought Major Zemo (a member of the Nazi organization HYDRA) with Segerant Rock and his Howling Commandos. However, they didn't know that Lex Luthor was the real leader of HYDRA. In 1942, Super-Soldier was seemly killed by the robot Ultra-Metallo, but actually frozen in icy water. After fifty years, the JLA found a frozen Super-Solider. They thawed him out. Super-Solider joined the team and started to work at the Daily Planet in his Clark Kent guise. However, it turned out Lex Luthor was still alive. He used Green K (part of a meteor found near the spaceship) to extent his lifespan (although it turned his skin green). Aided by HYDRA, Lex kidnapped an older Jimmy. Having been beaten and released by Luthor, Jimmy revealed to Super-Soldier that HYDRA was in Washington D.C. Super-Solider went to D.C. to find Lex Luthor, HYDRA and a now-Green K-powered Ultra-Metallo. Super-Soldier used a lead pipe (which could block the radiation of the Green K) to beat Ultra-Metallo up. Soldier exposed Lex Luthor's crimes, which got Lex imprisioned. Super-Soldier laater revealed the fallout of Green K weakened his powers.
Powers and Abilities
Super-Soldier has a variety powers derived from the "Super-Soldier" formula. He has invulernability, x-ray vision, flight, super-strength and heat-ray vision. Green K weakens him.

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