Friday, July 4, 2014


Going to work, Dwayne Geyer was attacked by an alien that tried to drink Geyer's spinal fluid. The alien flew into air while trying to suck his fuild. However, the alien accidentally released Dwayne when it got distracted causing Geyer to fall onto the ground. When he woke him up, Geyer discovered he was invisible and his powers. He decided to become a vigilante and took the name "Geist". At work, he was attacked by the alien. However, he, Batman and Azrael stopped the alien. Geist started his superhero carrer. He met several "New Bloods" (heroes that gained their powers the same way Dwayne did) and helped the Justice League. Geist joined Blood Pack, a superhero team / reality show. He tampered with a camera and discovered the security team killed one of the Blood Pack member. Geist revealed this to his teammate. They plotted to do something about this. What happened is never revealed. Later, Superboy-Prime killed Geist during Infinite Crisis. Geist was brought back as one of Alex Luthor's undead Black Lantern with the purpose to kill SP. Prime got his hand on one of the black rings, which his extreme emotion morphed into a Red Lantern ring. The enegry released by this killed Geist.
Powers and Abilities
When in direct light, Geist becomes invisible. However, he cannot his sight in this state. In dark, he gains enchanced eyesight. As such, he wears dark goggles so his enchanced vision can combat his blindness. With enough concetration, he can turn other objects invisible.
Atop the Fourth Wall "Blood Pack # 1"

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