Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vault of Obscurity 5

For the unaware, the "Vault of Obscurity" segment of this blog has me talking about multiple characters that can't support their own post.
Doctor No-Face
His Batman: The Brave and the Bold appearance
Bartholomew Magan had a facial scar. As such, he tried to use a device to erase it . However, it work too well and erased his entire face. He decides to become a criminal for some reason. Taking the name "Dr. No-Face", Bart and his crime ring used the device to erase other people's faces. Batman and Robin stopped him. Doctor No-Face later had a cameo in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Translation: "I want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph"
Iznogoud (pronounced "Is no good") is the Grand Vizier (a political adviser) to Haroun el-Poussah, the Caliph (ruler) of Bagdad. Despite pretending to be loyal to him, Iznogoud is actually trying to steal Haroun's position. Iznogoud is selfish, power-hungry and just generally a terrible person. He is aided by his lackey Dilat Laraht. Iznogoud's plan constantly fail and often leave him trapped in terrible fates (being a slave, transformed into a dog and etc.) that are ignored by the start of the next story.
The Black and White Bandit
Must be a fan of Sin City
Roscoe Chiara was an artist. Art lover and chemical company CEO Winsor Munsell hired Roscoe to make a painting of him with untested painting pigment. Naturally, Winsor didn't mention that the pigments were untested. Exposure to the pigments damaged Roscoe's vision causing him to see everything in black and white. The comic incorrectly calls this color blindness (which is actually an inability to distinguish certain colors such as red or green). As revenge, Roscoe became the super villain the Black and White Bandit and started stealing works of art from Munsell. Batman stopped him by luring him in a trap via a fake advertisement.
Roscoe is skilled at disguising himself. He has a gas mask and acess to chlorine gas. He has an escape zebra... seriously. At one point, BWB used black ink to blind Batman in order to distract him.

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