Monday, February 22, 2010

Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man is the "Superman" of the Simpsons.
In The Simpsons
In The Simpson television show, he is a fictional comic book character that Bart (one of the main characters) is a fan of. Radioactive was created by Morty Mann and since his first appearance, he has become immensely popular and has been featured in various other media such as black-and-white serials and a movie trilogy.
Powers and Abilities
In the Simpsons, there are few references to Radioactive Man's powers. But, it is known that he possesses super strength and a degree of super endurance.
Bongo Comics
Bongo Comics (that makes Simpson-related comic series) has made a on / off Radioactive Man series. The origin of the Bongo-version of the character was similar to the Simpsons' (he got his pants stuck on a fence and was nuked giving him a lighting bolt-shaped metal shard stuck in his head (ouch)). The series parodies the comic book superheroes and various points in their history. The series is set up to seem like their actually made in the Simpson universe. In Bongo Comics, Radioactive Man's alter ego is an idiotic, billionaire playboy named Claude Kane III. A recurring gag is that in his alter ego he'll wear various hats to conceal the shard.
Powers and Abilites
This verison has more powers (that parodies Superman's) than his Simpsons' counterpart. Along with his Simpsons abilites, he also has super speed, flight and the power to fire "clean, nuclear heat" from his eyes (heat vision). He is also bulletproof.

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