Friday, February 12, 2010

Spy vs. Spy

Here is "top secret" information on the Spy vs. Spy strip. Spy vs. Spy is a comic strip that appears only in MAD Magazine. Basically, two spies from two unknown and different nations' embassies try to sabotage or kill the other with silly and comical traps. Sometimes, the plan works. Sometimes, the other spy comes up with a counter plan. It really varies from strip to strip. Characters in the strips are:
  • The Black and White Spy- Despite being mortal enemies, they dress almost exactly the same (the only difference is the color). However, their habits differ: the White Spy is an inventor / scientist, having inventing various weapons; while the Black Spy is a more of an infiltrator. Neither one of them is really "good" or "evil", since both of them are equally ruthless. They often use complex (sometimes very ridiculously so) weapons and Rube Goldberg-type props.
  • The Grey Spy- She is a female spy that wears Grey and always defeats the Black and White Spies (which lead her to be kicked off the strip).
  • The Black and White Leaders- These two are the "barrel chested" leaders of the Spies' embassies. They are the highest rank and often gave the spies their missions. They only appear in the early strips.

However, it should be noted that on Spy vs. Spy video game in multiplayer mode appears a red and a blue spy. There's also a robot spy on the game.


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