Monday, January 10, 2011

Frankenstein (Dell Comics)

Dell Comics tried to cash in on the superhero craze, while getting horror fans to read it too. This is what they came up with.
This guy seems to be unrelated to the traditional monster. He was created by "the Doctor" (not the British time traveller) and somehow gave him "superior intellect and the strength of fifty men". He was dormant for over 100 years (and completely ignoring the concept of decaying), until a lightning bolt gave him life. He donned a rubber-like mask to hide the fact his face is green. He also dubbed himself Frank Stone, inspired a chuck of masonry that happened to have FRANK engraved in it. He befriended the millionaire Henry Knickerbocker and, when the old man croaked, he got his money and became rich. The only person that knew Frankenstein's alter ego was William, his butler, however, Miss Ann Thrope (pun off of "misanthrope), a Lois Lane-like character, suspected that Frank and the hero were one of the same.

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