Monday, January 17, 2011


In Uncanny X-Men Annual # 12, since the X-Men are assumed dead, Mojo (see his post) was left without his # 1 rating generator. He tried to create his own version of the X-Men. After numerous failures, he created the X-Babies (younger versions of the X-Men). They rebeled againist Mojo and he was going to kill them... only to discover his ratings were higher than ever. There have numerous versions of the X-Babies, usually they are younger versions of the current X-Men roster. X-Babies had several villain teams such as the Brotherhood of Bullies (based on the Brotherhood of Mutants). In Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, a group of X-Babies were on the loose and Mojo tried to take advantage of their crushes on each other and "child-like" flaws to get them to sign contracts, but Kitty Pryde saved them. In the new X-Babies miniseries, the X-Babies discover that Mojo created the "Adorable X-Babies" (newer, cuter version of the team, but with shallower personalites), which became his # 1 rating generator.
The current members are:
  • Colossusus (Colossus)
  • Creepy Crawler (Nightcrawler)
  • Cyke (Cyclops)
  • Shadowkitty (Shadowcat)
  • Psychild (Psylocke)
  • Shower (Storm)
  • Sugah (Rogue) (I'm as clueless as you are)
  • Wolvie (Wolverine)
Former members include:
  • Archangel*
  • Bishop*
  • Boyo (Banshee)
  • Charlie X (Prof. X)
  • Dazzler*
  • Gambit*
  • Havok*
  • Iceman*
  • Longshot*
*Please note some of the members without nicknames sometimes had "Lil'" in-front of their names when being referred to.
  • The X-Babies are a parody of the fad of creating younger version of popular characters also called "babyfication".

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