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Character History
The denizens of what would be the Mojoworld had an inability to stand up right and they could not evolve to counteract this. However, a scientist called Arize invented exoskeletons that allow them to do the latter. Depspite this becoming popular, a few of the denizens refused to use these and used motorize platforms. The so-called Spineless Ones took over the world. Their leader, Mojo, became in charge of all the planet's television and film media. He was assisted by his loyal (but sarcastic) robot servant Major Domo. So many people watched it, Mojo had to create genetically engineered slaves to do all the work. One of these, Longshot, rebelled and (despite having his memories wiped) escaped to Earth. Mojo later turned Longshot's girlfriend Ricochet Rita into Spiral (Mojo's insane warrior) . Mojo de-aged the X-Men into children, but the New Mutants saved them. Mojo discovered that the X-Men boosted his ratings! Later, he created a younger version of the team called the X-Babies. But despite boosting ratings, they rebelled against him. Mojo was seemly killed and was replaced by Mojo II: The Sequel, who was just as bad as Mojo. Mojo returned. Due to his inability to learn from mistakes, he created more X-Babies until every X-Man had a X-Baby counterpart, all of whom rebelled against Mojo. He created the Mitey 'Vengers (Avengers) and babies versions of Age of the Apocalypse villains to stop the X-Babies, who also rebelled. However, Mojo (off screen) managed to defeat them somehow. He would later plague the X-Men numerous times to try and boost his ratings.
Powers and Abilities
His multi-legged platform has several weapons built into it such as particle beams and a mechanical tail. He is also very strong and can easily lift a grown man with one arm. He has magic powers proportional to his "worship of his followers" (the popularity of his shows). He is seen to be immune to Rogue's powers as seen as he bear hugged her. Mojo is a "force of death and corruption", as such his touch can age humans and wither plants. Doctor Strange claims if Mojo was on Earth long enough he would cause "natural" disasters such as storms.
X-Men: The Ultimate Guide

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