Thursday, April 11, 2013


Alan Williamson was the son of a rich parents. He never trusted his dad's business partner, Biff Brown. Alan, his family and Biff went on a safari. When Alan's parents were killed, Alan blamed Biff and tried to kill him despite no proof to support his claim. During the brawl, the ground they were on gave away and Alan fell into a pit onto spikes. The expedition team (thinking Alan dead) ran away fearing they would be blamed for the murder (despite running away would make it look more like they murder him). A native tribe found Alan and used magic to save him his life. This gave him the powers of a jungle cat. After living with the tribe, he went back to America to reclaim his birthright and find the murder of his parents. Biff, who turned out to have actually killed Alan's parent, became sick and tried to lie to Alan by saying he didn't killed Alan's parents. However, Alan saw through this. Alan took over his father's firm and became the Detroit superhero Kill-Cat. He funded his superhero career with his inheritance. He forced Biff to invest in a company doing illegal activities leading Biff to lose his fortune. Biff planned to kill himself. Kill-Cat confronted Biff on atop a bridge. However, Biff lost his footing and fell to his death much to Kill-Cat's joy. We see Kill-Cat several years later. He teamed up Mark Osborn (a guy from the future) and Kid Avenger to fight villains. Even later, the team was drafted to help fight an alien invasion and are useless. Kill-Cat tried and failed to join the Special Operations Strikeforce. However, he helped them several times. Kill-Cat and his friends have appeared time to time without doing anything really important aside from appearing in superhero gatherings.
Kill-Cat supposedly has the "abilities of the jungle cat" (according to my source). Kill-Cat is as strong as ten men. He has the agility of a cat. He has enhanced senses. He can turn his fingernails into claws (despite jungle cats not having that ability).

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