Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Scientist Shh-Ell, a scientist living on the planet Galapagon (which is inhabited by anthropomorphic turtles), discovered the planet was doomed. As such, he convinced the Science Council to build 1000 spaceships to save their people. However, their slow nature caused them to only finish one before doomsday. As such, Shh-Ell launched his son, Tur-Tel, into space via the ship. Tur-Tel landed on Earth, where he was raised by a human couple and gain superpowers. The turtle became Super-Turtle, nicknamed "the Reptile of Steel". He fought enemies such as Brainy-yak and Superman (who he is a parody of).
He reappeared in Ambush Bug: Year None. Here is as a parody of Superboy-Prime. After living in limbo, Super-Turtle took the name Clark Kent and started to try to kill people he thought were "phony Super-[Turtles]" (according to Wikipedia), which include Bat-Mite and the Connor Kent Superboy.
Super-Turtle has the powers of Superman (flight, super strength, invulnerability, vision powers and etc).

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