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This guy never appears in the comic (although he kind of look like Jerry Craven, who never wears that costume and is never crucifixied). 
Supergod is a five issue miniseries. It focuses on what happens when people try to literally create their own gods.
The narrator is Simon Reddin, a British ex-scientist. Simon is talking to Tommy, an unseen character. The story began when the British sent three astronaut into space in the hope of turning them into superhumans. After being exposed to space fungus (I'm not kidding), the astronauts merged into a three-faced being that the government dubbed "Morrigan Lugus" that has mushrooms on it.  Morrigan was sent to a secret research facility. For some reason, the scientists started to worship it as a god. India created the blue-skinned superhuman Krishna to "save India". Unfortunately, Krishna's idea of this involved decreasing the population by mercilessly killing people, which it did. Pakistan tried to nuke Krishna, who simply sent the nukes back and killed them. Iran created the superhuman Malak Al-Maut, hoping it will have a "connection to ... god". China created Maitreya, who almost immediately went rogue and escaped. Malak destroyed the city containing him and started to walking to Pakistan for unknown reasons. The US created the superhuman Jerry Craven, who thinks the US government can access Heaven. Simon, who is drunk, talked to Morrigan Lugus, who revealed it thinks humans are little more than monkeys that wear clothes. Iraq lost control of it's superhuman, Dajjal, who can see possible future timelines. Russia created Perun and captured him. Krishna started to rebuild the remains of India. Simon came up with the idea to try and have Lugus talk to the other superhumans. So, the British government decided to airlift Lugus to India much to Simon's and Lugus' joy. The Russian deployed Perun to kill Krishna. Lugus started to emit chemicals. Krishna killed Perun. Malak changed his course to India. Krishna killed Malak and destroyed a chunk of the moon in the process. Maitreya started to fuse people into a blob. Later, Krishna was surprised to see Maitreya riding a giant Cthulhu monster he made from the blob. Maitreya is killed also. Jerry joined Krishna to try and save the world. Dajjal, realizing how boring things will become, blew himself up thus killing him, Krishna, Jerry and most of Russia, China and Europe. Lugus, the remaining superhuman, spread his fungus across the world and effectively taking it over. In the present, Simon finishes his story. After taking off his clothes, he goes for a swim in order to sacrifice himself to his god: Morrigan Lugus.
  • Simon Reddin- He is the narrator. He was scientist that helped research Morrigan Lugus. His plan to stop the superhumans ironically ended up causing the apocalypse. He speaks to Tommy for most of the story before swimming to his god.
  • Morrigan Lugus- It is a superhuman that was created by three British astronauts being merged into one, giant being. It is a giant being with three heads and mushrooms growing out of its legs. Morrigan talks in various ways: with words, digital code and radio waves. It was kept in a secret base. When it was freed, it spread fungus across the world and created a "mycelial network" thus giving it control over the world.
  • Krishna- It was an Indian superhuman. It had blue-skin and various machine parts fused into it's body. It had the ability to reshape matter and create blue constructs. Its sole goal was to "save India", which it attempted to do in its own violent and insane way. It killed nearly everyone other superhumans in the story. It was killed by Dajjal.
  • Malak Al-Maut- It was an Iranian superhuman. It was suppose to have a "direct connection to the mind of god". However, it apparently didn't. It has vaguely defined powers. It has been seen using matter manipulation, causing nuclear explosions and break through the surface of the moon. It was killed by Krishna. 
  • Maitreya- It was a Chinese superhuman. Maitreya can reshape matter, but usually uses human matter instead inorganic materials. When the Chinese government told it to use its powers on criminals, it turned the officers into musical instruments and went on a rampage. It was killed by Krishna. 
  • Jerry Cravern- He was an American superhuman. Jerry was a test pilot turned into a Six Million Dollar Man-like cyborg. However, he seemed unaware of this. He tried to join Krishna only for both of them to be killed by Dajjal. 
  • Dajjal- It was an Iraqian superhuman. It was made of floating purple rock-like things with eyes that look like goggles. It had the ability to see possible futures and the power to create an explosion capable of killing himself, most of Russia, China and Europe and anyone near by (even other superhumans), which it did after realizing how boring things would become. 
  • Tommy- He is an unseen character. He listens to Simon's story via a phone. Nothing is known about him except for the fact he is an American.
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