Sunday, July 14, 2013


In my "Brickbat" post, I mentioned the hero 711. So, let me explain who 711 is. This superhero, by the way, is in public domain.
District Attorney Daniel Dyce had a friend Jacob Horn (who looks like as if he was Dyce's exact twin). Jacob was thrown into prison, but wanted to see the birth of his child. So, Daniel took Jacob's place. However, Jacob was in a car crash and got killed thus causing Daniel to be stuck in prison. Daniel tunnel out of out his cell, but returned. Every night, he escaped prison, fight crime and return before morning. He adopted his prisoner number, # 711, as his superhero name. 711 has no powers and mostly fought gangsters, but also fought the super villain Brickbat.  Two years later, mob boss Oscar Jones killed 711. The superhero Destiny worked to avenge 711's death.

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