Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Karma Club

I wanted to do a post on the obscure comic Karma Club. However, all I could find was a Comicvine description of the premise (which sounds like it was copied from the back of a trade paperback). According to Comicvine, the premise is:
"Imagine a future world where teenagers are equals with grown-ups, money is earned by being a good person, and cities are called Megamalls! In the year 222, after Armageddon, this world really exists! It's the home of the KARMA CLUB, a teenage crime-fighting team made up of Kemmy, Shay, Arcus, Phoebe and Karina. The CLUB delivers sushi as a secret cover-up to keep their real superteen identities safe from the TUNNEL, the evil organization behind all the dangerous bad guys the CLUB constantly finds themselves battling. The TUNNEL's goal is to make the world a dangerous and dark place! Since money isn't paper-and-coin currency but instead measured by good deeds, called KARMA, the evil members of the TUNNEL forever plot to reverse all the good KARMA to bad KARMA. If the CLUB ever fails, bad guys will be wealthy and the Megamalls will be totally dangerous hives of crime! Will the CLUB ever find out who's behind all the plans to reverse CLUB? Every day, the KARMA CLUB gets a little closer to erasing evil from the streets and making the world a safer place!"
Let's look at how dumb this solely based on this description.

Teens and grown ups are equals? There is a reason why in real life teens and adults aren't treated the same. Teenagers are immature and will do stupider things than an adult would. By the logic of the comic, a 13-year-old would be allowed to see a R-rated movie, be in the army or drink alcohol.

So, good deeds earn people money. While people have a general sense of good and evil, what about killing a murderer? Is that good? Do you earn more money by doing a deed that is "more" good than others? If so, who decides that? In fact, who decides what deeds are good and how do they know if someone is being good? Are the Megamalls a totalitarian government that always watches its citizen like Big Brother? Wait a minute. If the only way to earn money is by being good, then how do companies like Toys R Us or Wal Mart earn money? Speaking of which, where does the money come from? Does the money come from the national reserves or do they just make more money? If the first is true, then the country is screwed if they need to fund a war. If it is the second, that is a great way to destabilize the economy and throw the Megamalls into an another great depression.

Speaking of which, cities are named "Megamalls". Are Megamalls corporate run city-sized malls where people live in their stores? If not, then why are they called "Megamalls"? Why aren't they just called "Megacities" like from Judge Dredd?

"In the year 222, after Armageddon, this world really exists!" What was "Armageddon"? Did a nuclear war happen? Did aliens attack the Earth? Did a reincarnation of Jesus fight the armies of Satan? I think that Armageddon would important enough to have a off-hand explanation such as "In the year 222, after W.O.P.R. caused thermonuclear war and only small chunks of humanity survived, this world really exists!".

Let's talk about Karma Club. In the description, KARMA CLUB and their enemies, TUNNEL, are always capitalized. Does KARMA CLUB and TUNNEL stand for something? If so, should it be spelt K.A.R.M.A. C.L.U.B. and T.U.N.N.E.L.? If not, why isn't spelt "Karma Club" and "Tunnel"? According the description, "Every day, the KARMA CLUB gets a little closer to erasing evil from the streets and making the world a safer place!". How do you "[erase] evil"? Do you mind wipe people in order to make them be productive members of society like in Squadron Supreme? Well in that comic, the idea of using the mind wipe was shown to be a morally arguable one with just as much evidence to support the side against it as the side for it. Do they kill the criminals? I think would be a bit questionable if the comic's heroes murdered people for their holier-than-thou crusade. Do you they imprison the criminals? That makes the most sense. However for the statement to be correct, they would have to make it so the criminals would never be allowed to leave thus "making the world a safer place".

Tunnel / TUNNEL wants to destroy the system of the good-deed economy. The description says "KARMA" refers to the money that they get for good deeds, but Tunnel want the economy to be based on "bad KARMA". How can there be bad money that you get for good deeds? If it meant "money that you get for bad deeds", why use the same term used to describe the exact opposite? So, they want to "reverse ... the ... KARMA". How do you do that? It's not that easy to completely restructure the economy unless the country is in some form of decline. So Tunnel can only pose a threat if there are ton of the other problems causing the country to collapse. Maybe the Karma Club / KARMA CLUB should focus on those problems to help the country survive long term and not the criminals who will pose no threat when the social / economic structure stabilizes.


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