Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mad Mod

Mad Mod (left)
Fans of the Teen Titans cartoon will remember the villain Mad Mod. He was (loosely) based on this characters.
Neil Richard was England man born in a slum. Because he was interested in fashion, he became a fashion designer when he grew up. He known to specialize with mod clothing. This job made him rich and famous. His focus of mod fashion earned him the nickname "the Mad Mod". Bored, he decided to smuggle drugs by hiding them in his clothes. However, the Teen Titans and rock star Holley Hip stopped and captured him. He later attempted to steal the royal scepter from the Queen of England. However, the Titans quickly appended him. Unlike last time, Richard gave up his criminal ways and regained his life as a fashion designer. Years later, Loren Jupiter hired Neil to design his Teen Titan group's outfits. While doing this, Mad Mod became very close to the group. He was captured by an insane Haze (an enemy of the Titans), but the original Titans freed him. Mod was at Titans member Isaiah Crockett's funeral.
Powers and Abilities
Mad Mod has no superpowers. As a villain, he used an array of gadgets and traps to neutralize his enemies. He also employed a group of thugs to do his dirty works. After reforming, he still was knowledgeably about technology. Regardless, he is a skilled fashion designer.

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