Monday, January 6, 2014

Ace of Spades

Here is one of the most obscure characters I've found. Like Holo-Man, he made one appearance. Unlike like Holo-Man, there is almost no information on the Internet about Ace of Spades. However, Bill Schelly's book The Best of Star Studded Comics claimed Mickey Schwaberow and Steve Kelez created the Ace of Spades for the fan comic Magnum Ops. Only one issue was produced.
"Blueprints for Banditry!"
Ace of Spades' first and only appearance was in the story "Blueprints for Banditry". Mr. Chance (the owner of a casino) chews out his employees Steve Spade and Billy Balgrove for disappearing. Steve and Billy turn out to be the superheroes Ace of Spades and Joker. Billy overhears the plans of some thugs and rob his workplace. He tells Ace and they (as superheroes) follow the thugs. Joker finds a dying man and a notepad. Ace blacken the notepad via a pencil and finds an address. They went to the address and fight some thugs. Despite being captured, they manage to escape and capture the mastermind of criminals (creatively named "Mastermind"). The next day, Mr. Chance chews out Steve and Billy for disappearing and does not fire them like he threatened to at the start of the story.
  • Ace of Spade- He is secretly Steve Spade. Steve Spade is an employee at the Royal Casino. He looks like Batman without the ears and has a spade logo instead of a bat. He uses unarmed combat and seems to lack any powers.
  • Joker- He is secretly Billy Balgrove. Joker is the younger sidekick to Ace. He looks like Robin in an altered costume. He uses unarmed combat like Ace.
  • Mr. Chance- He runs the Royal Casino. He is a grouch who is vaguely similar to J. Jonah Jameson.
  • Mastermind- He is the vaguely defined mastermind behind the villains.  
The Best of Star Studded Comics

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