Tuesday, January 28, 2014


His ice form
For years, comics had these infamous Hostess ads. These tended to be melodramatic, one-page superhero stories where a Hostess product somehow saved the day (or at least important to the story). Most villains that originally appear in these stories never appeared again. Icemaster is an exception.
Icemaster (whose real name is "Bradley Kroon") originally appeared in an advertisement for Hostess pies in Avengers issue 191. Icemaster froze most of New York. The Human Torch gave him Hostess pies. This caused him to instantly unfreeze the city and surrender.
For some reason, Marvel Comic decided to bring him back. He was among of the twenty five villains in Crimson Cowl II's version of the Masters of Evil. The Masters attempted to use weather-controlling technology to get billions from various nations. The Thunderbolts stopped them. Icemaster stole a craft (with Whirwind, Living Laser, Ember and Aftershock) to cause some chaos. The group attacked Stamford, CT. Speedball forced them to flee. Living Laser mockingly suggested Icemaster ate too many fruit pies. Icemaster, Ember and Aftershock attacked the Avengers Academy and a handful of other heroes. However, Jeremy Briggs stopped them. He melted Icemaster's ice thus revealing his true form. Icemaster was seen being transported to an Upstate New York prision. Icemaster (aided by other villains) attempted a jailbreak, but was foiled as Guardsman, Mimic and Rogue.
Icemaster has ice powers. He can create coldness and ice. He can reshape the ice covering him into weapons. However, he is vulnerable to enough heat.

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