Friday, January 24, 2014


Zibarro talking to Superman
What would a Bizarro Bizarro be like? Superman! But, I am going talk about Zibarro.
Zibarro is a native of the All-Star Superman universe. He is the only person on the Bizarro World that has proper mental abilities. Zibarro encountered Superman and helped him escape the Bizarro World. In doing so, Zibarro gave up his chance to escape himself. Superman promised to save him later. However by end of All-Star Superman, Superman went into the sun and been seen since. So, Zibarro is probably still stuck on the Bizarro World.
Powers and Abilities
Zibarro has no superhuman powers. However, he has intelligence of a normal human while other Bizarros don't. He has normal color skin, which the other Bizarros also lack. Despite this, his speech balloons have the same inverse colors as the other Bizarros.

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