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Aries (top), Apollo and Hercules
The Cheetahmen were characters from the infamous Action 52 and Cheetahmen II ("Cheetahmen" is a game in Action 52) games. The back story of the characters was explained in a comic book. This comic was given away with Action 52. So, lets talk about it.
The mad scientist Doctor Moribus and his cyborg henchman Cygore find a female cheetah and its three cubs. Moribus shoots the cheetah in a surprisingly gory scene. He take the cubs and mutates them into the Cheetahmen as part of his Sub-Species project (which revolves around him creating human-animal hybirds called "Sub-Species"). Moribus attempts to get them to be his goon. They naturally turn on him since he killed their mother. When the attempt to capture him, he sicks three other Sub-Species on them. No one explanation is given on how he acquired by these goons. They dispatch the goons and attempt to do so the same to Morbis. He and Cygore escapes via a deus ex machina force field. The trio decide to team up to fight Moribus and evil Sub-Species.
Titular Character
The people that never read the comic may want to know more about the main character. Text boxes explain what personalities the Cheetahmen are suppose to have. Despite this, they are written with little to no personality. As such, they tend to be define by their combat skills, weapons and appearance. The members are:
  • Hercules- He is the biggest of all of them. The text claims he is "gentle as a lamb" and only fight as a last resort. However, he seems to be one (the panel was close-up and the Cheetahmen's faces look similar) that suggested to fight Moribus. He has no weapon.
  • Apollo- He is the oldest member and (according to the text) is the leader (although he never actually leads them). The text claims he is an intelligentual and likes to read. He uses a crossbow and is a skilled archer. 
  • Aries- He is the smallest of all of them. However, he is most agile. The text claims he is a fan of martial art films and learned martial arts from them. He has wooden clubs that the text claims he made himself. (where I read the comic although for some reason the pages are in the reverse order)

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