Sunday, August 18, 2013

Judge Death

While America's experience of the Judge Dredd franchise is limited to the movies Judge Dredd and Dredd, Judge Dredd is one of the UK's most popular comics. So, I am going to talk about a character from that series.
Sidney De'ath was the sadistic son of a sadistic dentist (insert Little Shop of Horrors reference here). He joined the Judges (who are judge, jury and executor) so he could legally kill people. He earned the nickname "Judge Death" for killing tons of criminals. He encountered "the Sisters of Death", who turned him undead. Because all crimes are commit while alive, he came to believe life itself was a crime. He had the Sisters turn several other judges into the undead Dark Judges. They killed everyone in their dimension aside from them. He and three Dark Judges went to another dimension, which contained Mega-City One (the setting of the comic). They attempted to do the same to this dimension. However, Judge Dredd and Anderson defeated them. When the spectral form of the Sisters of Death and the rest of the Dark Judges came to this dimension, they created a "necropolis" and, in the process, killing 60 million people. However, this ultimately failed and Judge Death was the only Dark Judge left. He attempted (and failed to) kill Anderson. Death travelled across the Cursed Earth and killed anyone that came across him. He ultimately decided to use WMDs to destroy all life. He used a bunker that was filled with nuke to destroy Vegas. When attempted to do the same to Mega-City One, the anti-missile system saved the city. They launched missiles back thus destroying his body, but his spirit survived. However, Death was literally dragged into Hell by the souls of the people he killed.
Powers and Abilities
Judge Death is actually a spirit that inhabits a corpse. The corpse is hard to damage unless the damage is very severe (such as severing it or burning it) and cannot feel pain. If the body is destroyed, his spirit can survive and possess the body of living humans. He prefer to use chemicals to decay the body he uses.
When using a body, he has several powers. He has super strength and capable of creating illusions. He has razor-shaped fingers. He is able to phase through matter.
The tone that Judge Death is portrayed in has changed. At first, he was dark, menacing and sinister. However, later stories portrayed him more humorously. However, there are still writers that portrayed seriously.

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