Thursday, August 15, 2013


From Daredevil issue 233
Frank Simpson was the mentally disturbed son of a rich and abusive woman prone to drinking. He had an unhealthy affectation for his babysitter. The babysitter tried to manipulate him to kill his mother. However, Wolverine (working for Weapon Plus) killed the babysitter and kidnapped Frank after his dad died. Frank was placed in the Weapon Plus project. During the Vietnam War, Frank was tortured by a Russian intelligent agent (in reality Logan posing as one). Logan carved an American flag in Frank's face and made "No V.C.!" a tigger word that would cause Frank to kill the speaker of the phrase. When freed, an American solider tried to calm him down by saying "No V.C.!" (basically meaning "this isn't the Viet Cong"). Frank went on a rampage and killed everyone in the village. After this, Frank was kidnapped and turned into a cyborg by Weapon VII. They also gave him pills to control his aggression. However, he became addicted to them.
Generalissimo Felix had Nuke (as he was called) destroyed a rebel base. Kingpin hired Nuke to kill Daredevil. However, he failed. After attempt to destroy the Daily Bugle (for an article they wrote on him), Captain America captured him and detained by the American government. Nuke was sent to kill Wolverine (who discovered his past). Wolverine stopped him and gave him to Emma Frost in the hope she could fix his mind. Norman Osborn had his own version of Thunderbolts that had a man named Scourge leading the team. Scourge turned out to be Nuke. He was demoted after a botched mission. During the Thunderbolts attempt to kill the Agent of Atlas, it turned out Nuke was a sleeper agent put in by the Agents to kill Norman when he saw him. However upon seeing a hologram of Osborn, he shot the hologram and unintentionally killed his teammate Headsman. During a battle between the Thungerbolts and Asgardian gods, Nuke was comatosed and imprisoned the superhuman prison the Raft.
Powers and Abilities
Nuke had several powers due to his cyborg implants. He has super strength. The limits of which are unknown. Nuke's body is more resistant to injury than normal humans. His skin is actually an artifical skin-like plastic that is super durable. He has another heart that is affected by his pills. Due to his insanity, he is little more than a puppet to his bosses.
Nuke takes several pills that have different effects on his second heart. Red pills originally were stated to affect his adrenal gland and caused him to go into rampages. However, it was later said that the pill simply tiggered this behavior. White pills negate the effects of the red pills. Blue pills makes him docile. The latter is used after missions.

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