Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tawky Tawny

Captian Marvel's Pal Tawky Tawny
The DC Comics Captain Marvel has an athromorphic tiger pal. No really.
Tawky was a normal tiger raised by a missionary's son. A hermit injected Tawky with a serum that gave him the ability to speak so he could testify he didn't kill someone. Years later, Mister Tawny travelled to North America and ended up in Fawcett City. Despite unintentionally causing a panic, Tawny became Captain Marvel's friend and became a museum curator.
Mister Tawny was a stuffed doll. However, "he" was turned into a living being by Lord Satanus and (later) Ibis the Invincible. Sabina tried (and failed) to get infomation out of Tawky.
During the events of Final Crisis, he joined the All-Star Squadron. Tawky fought Kalibak, who was reborned into a Tigerman. Tawky slayed Kalibak thus earning him leadership of the Tigermen.
Powers and Abilities
Tawky Tawny has the ability to speak English and stand on two legs. He has the strength roughly the equal to an adult tiger's. He also has fangs and claws, which he can use to kill (although he is normally peaceful). He later gained the ability to transform into a smilodon.

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  1. With rare appearance by a newsstand agent who isn't Freddy Freeman.
    Is Billy (as Captain Marvel) skipping school or is Cap Jr. off somewhere doing some actual superheroing?