Saturday, August 10, 2013

Penny Plunderer

It's my 400th post! Have you ever wonder why Batman has a giant penny in his cave? Because of today's topic: Penny Plunderer!
Joe Coyne ("Coyne" is a real last name) sold newspapers, but was found stealing pennies (this was back when pennies were actually worth something). He decided to commit crime using pennies as his shtick. Penny tried to kill Batman and Robin with a giant penny-shaped death trap. He used the coin to help make himself a battery and signaled for help. Batman kept the giant coin as a trophy.
Penny Plunder was removed from continuity. The coin was explained as having been used by Two-Face. However, Plunderer was later reintroduced and was shown on death row. He had black hair and a green suit. In Scarecrow/Two Face: Year One, Penny Plunder (still wearing the green suit) was killed by the giant penny when Two Face destroyed the supports that prevented it from rolling away.

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