Saturday, August 17, 2013

Megascale Metatalent Response Team Fantastic Four

Clockwise: Non-Member Annihilus (upper left),
Reed, Jonatha, Ben and Sioux
Comic companies every now and then will create out-continuity comics that reimagine their characters. Marvel had a line of comics where their heroes are reimagined as manga / anime-esque characters. This was their attempt at doing this with the Fantastic Four.
The people that would form the team were sent to a moon base to test a theory. Whatever they did blew up half of the moon. The four were the only survivors. They somehow got off the moon and given a headquarters (presumably to protect the "Negative Zone" vault, which is in the building). Also, how they gained "meta-talents" (superpowers) is never explained although the experiment on the moon may have been responsible. Sioux, Ben and Johnatha were sent by Reed to stop a Godzilla-sized alien called Annihilus (which wanted something in the vault). They were given "power packs" to increase their powers to "mecha-sized levels" (Wikipedia). After Sioux and Johnatha failed, Reed (using his powers) figured out the rod around Annihilus' neck teleported a new body every time they destroyed one. Ben destroyed the "cosmic rod" thus stopping Annihilus. Ben, Sioux and Reed were killed by the Hand (a group of ninjas).
  • Reed Richards- He is the team leader, but isn't a field agent. He is laid back and an intellectual. The members see him as insolent. He has the ability to stretch his neutron, which somehow temporarily smarter. 
  • Sioux Storm- She is the half-sister of Jonatha Storm. She is extremely emotional detached to the point of near psychosis. To get her to do anything, Reed forces her to take aggressor hormones and stimulants. She has the ability to create giant invisible constructs.
  • Benjamin- He is shy and introverted. However when using his powers, he "roleplays" (Reed's word) using an extroverted and aggressive persona. He can summon an exoskeleton made of rocks that looks somewhat like the Thing. For some reason, his name is pronounced "Ben-ya-meen".
  • Jonatha Storm- She is Sioux's half-sister. She is hotheaded and impulsive, but denies it. According to Reed, she has a short attention span. She can cover herself in flames and shoot them (like Johnny Storm but with pink and purple flames). She is the only member to not be killed by the Hand. As such, she teamed with other heroes in the hopes of getting revenge on the Hand.
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