Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Ben

"the man with no time for crime"?
Big Ben is a British superhero. The editor Dez Skinn, the editor of Warrior, had Alan Moore introduce Big Ben in his Marvelman strip. Apparently, Alan Moore didn't want to because Big Ben was portrayed in a negative light.
In Marvelman, Big Ben was a failed result of Project Zarathustra. He is portrayed as an idiot and suffered from psychotic hallucinations. After the Marvelman utopia is built, Ben, who was working with Marvelman, was put in a virtual reality simulator in order to cure his delusions. Upon being freed, he became the Hercules to Marvelman's Zeus.
In his own strip, Big Ben is portrayed differently. He is a spy that was experimented on by a lab he broke into. Due to being experimented on, he thinks he having adventures similar to the Avengers TV show. It turned out Big Ben is a Metamorph, a shape shifting alien. The Metamorphs made him crazy as part of invasion scheme. The strip ended before this can lead to anything.
Big Ben is super strong, durable and fast. He seems capable of flight. In his own strip, it turned out he is a shape shifting alien.

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