Monday, September 23, 2013

The Baffler

Our villain, ladies and gentlemen
What would the Riddler be like if he was an idiot? The Baffler!
Titus Czonka, a jackhammer operator, became a super villain to escape his average Joe lifestyle. Due to not being evil or very intelligent, he failed to succeed at anything. He teamed up the villain Cluemaster. After Cluemaster's compulsion to leave behind clues was cured, Czonka decided to become the Cluemaster-like villain the Baffler. Despite Cluemaster discouraging him, Czonka left cruddy pictures as clues to his plan. This led Spoiler (Cluemaster's superhero daughter) and Robin to defeat him. After escaping police custody and became the Baffler again, he decided to fight a "real" superhero in order to gain respect. He targeted Spoiler and Robin. Spoiler actually fell for his trap (thinking the clue was sent by a child). Robin was captured when attempting to find her. The Baffler was accidentally knocked out by some pipes when making a speech. Robin and Spoiler freed themselves and saved the Baffler since the building they were in was scheduled demolition. He briefly thought about becoming a hero, but didn't. During the Gotham Earthquake, the Baffler was among the prison escapees. However, Huntress was defeated him. Lock Up incarcerated the Baffler in Blackgate. Nightwing freed him and the other prisoners.
Powers and Abilities
The Baffler has no powers. Despite this, he is skilled at using machines and guns. He is also very strong. However, he is ineffective due to his "roller coaster self esteem" and stupidity.

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