Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Surrender Monkey

Here he is in his stereotypical glory!
Surrender Monkey at first may seem to be offensive stereotype. However unlike Egg Fu, Surrender Monkey is suppose to be a parody of these stereotypes.
Operation Camembert was a secret project with the goal to sway France's public to support America's war on the Iraq. Despite being trained, Brad Bently idiotically dressed up a French stereotype into order to blend in. Brad fell in love with French culture and went rogue. He became a superhero for France and joined the team Eurotrash. The team's goal was to kill Henrietta Hunter. However, X-Statix and Spiderman fought them. X-Statix killed all the member except Surrender Monkey.  He joined the "Church of the Naked Truth", a cult that beliefs clothes is wrong. Brad got a fragment of X-Statix member Droop's brain. He convinced a priest to try to sell it. However, the duo were exiled for donning clothes and Iron Man got the piece.
Powers And Abilities
Brad is a trained CIA agent. What this training consisted of is unknown since wasn't able to fight off X-Statix. His "greatest" ability is to know when to quit.

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