Friday, September 6, 2013

Snow Flame

Snow Flame in the foreground
Along time ago, I mentioned the superhero team New Guardians. However, the main reason their series is remembered was because of an one shot villain: Snowflame!
New Guardians
Snow Flame's only official appearance was New Guardians issue 2. Snow Flame was the leader of a Colombian drug cartel. While Snow Flame defeated the Guardians at first, heroes shoved into a chemical shack that exploded (due to his flames). This seemed to kill him.
Snow Flame became popular due to the villain's hammy speeches (at one point he claimed cocaine was his god) and bizarre powers. As such, Julie Sydor created a fan webcomic about the character. Oddly, webcomic Snow Flame thinks drugs are the key to salvation. In the original comic, he is evil and sells drugs for money.
Julie gave Snow Flame a backstory. Fabian Orozco was a sober Colombian drug dealer. However, he was chosen by the "Goddess of Cocaine" to spread the glory of drugs. As such, the Goddess turned him into Snowflame.
In the actual webcomic, Snow Flame was captured by Green Arrow, Batman and Raven. He was locked in the Arkham Asylum. The heroes discovered his backstory due to a confession by Fabian. When the asylum was flooded with the Scarecrow's fear gas, he teamed up with heroes to try save the innocent people there.
In both versions, Snow Flame gains super strength, speed and resistance of pain when using drugs. When using his powers, his body generate flames. The reason for this is never explained. In the webcomic, Fabian becomes Snow Flame when he take drugs. When Snow Flame becomes weakened enough, he becomes Fabian again.
Atop the Fourth Wall episode "New Guardians # 2"

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