Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire" Rebuttal

For those unaware, Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire is a parody of Harry Potter by Tim Todd. The comic is about a group of friends going into the world of their favorite novel series Hairy Polarity only to discover the "magic" is the work of demons. While the comic is idiotic by itself, I am going to rebut the ending, where Tim Todd gives 20 complaints about Harry Potter. Let's get this out of the way: it isn't an attack on religion just on the complaints in the comics.
"Sacrificing animals"
They never did that. There is a scene where they transform animals into other forms. However, "sacrificing" implies killing the animals (which never happened).
"Emphasizing power regardless of good or evil"
If that was the case, why are the good and moralistic teens are the hero and the powerful and evil wizard the villains?
"Offering blood sacrifices"
The people who did that are among the villains.
"Cutting off the hand of a living person for a ritual"
That never happened.
"Boiling what seems to be a baby alive in a cauldron"
Did you read the book or see the movies? Because, that never happened.
"Being possessed by demons"
Professor Quirrell wasn't possessed by a demon. He was possessed by a wizard. In addition, this is not portrayed as normal or good for wizards. 
"Interacting with werewolves and vampires"
The werewolf is portrayed as being a victim of his powers. So, the werewolf is unwilling thus implying being a werewolf and turning people into them is terrible. The vampires have only a minor part in the plot to the point they were omitted from the movies.
"Bringing an evil wizard back from the dead through the shedding of blood"
I will admit this happened in the books and movies. However, Voldemort (the resurrected wizard) is the villain. To be a villain, he and his minions have to do evil or amoral things. You are complaining about the bad guy being bad.
"Projecting or traveling without transportation" and "Casting spells and levitation"
It's about wizards and witches. As such, it needs to have magic spells in it. This is like complaining about superheroes being able to do superhuman abilities.
"Shifting humans into animal forms"
This is a common superpower. This ability has been used by characters from mythology, comic and various forms of fiction such as Beast Boy and Animorphs. Why don't you complain about characters being lift more than a normal human while you at it?
"Divining by crystal gazing"
Using a crystal ball to see the future is a common trope in fiction. 
"Telling lies, stealing, breaking rules and cheating advocated in wizard ethics by copying another student's homework"
Firstly, when did they copy someone else's work? Secondly, they ended breaking the rules because otherwise the story would be boring. There is a reason why the Average Joe that follows all the rules in rarely focused on. 
"Approving of astrology"
Very few people actually take astrology seriously. While people do read horoscope and such, they do not literally believe that the stars can shape fate. 
"Teaching that people can exist without their souls"
Again, Voldemort is the villain. You are complaining about the villains doing what villains are suppose to do: be evil or at least be amoral.
"Communing with the dead and dead souls living with in people"
That never happened.
"Taking mood-altering drugs used by real witches and shamans"
Have you read or seen the book or movies? They never took mood-altering drugs. There was unusual and magical foods such as the chocolate frog. However, none of the food were "mood-altering drugs".
"Using the 'Hand of Glory,' a grisly occult artifact, the severed hand of a hanged murderer: lighting the fingers as candles and placing it in  a house causing the occupants to fall into spells"
Firstly, while it is in the book and movies, the origin of the hand is even explained. Secondly, it so insignificant that it had one scene in the eight movies. Thirdly, in the book, it gets used by the villains. Villains have to do some evil you know.
"Using magic charms"
Of course, they use magic charms. It is a story about magic. Complaining about using magic charms in the story is like complaining about futuristic gadgets in Star Trek.
"Believing death to be just the 'next great adventure.'"
In the battle of Hogwarts against Voldemort's forces, many people die. However, Voldemort's killing of these people are portrayed as a villainous act. As such, it is not treated as the "next great adventure". 

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