Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crimison Cougar

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am the Crimision Cougar.
It's time to talk about Astro-City again.
Mitch Goodman was an actor that played Crimson Cougar, a minor character in the soap opera Tomorrow Dawn. He and his friends, Eric and Sully, managed to stop a criminal that was robbing a convenient store. Because he was in his Crimson Cougar costume, people assumed he was a superhero and he became a celebrity. At a supermarket singing, he beat up a one-time member of the villain group Pyramid who threatened him. His "P.R. guys" hyped it up as if he fought a "divison commander" of Pyramid. He was attacked by the supervillain group the Unholy Alliance, because he was a superhero. Despite being saved by the Honor Guard, Mitch nearly died. Mitch tried to convince the public that he could have died, but failed. After talking to his friends, he had Eric dress up a supervillain called Dark Centurion and beat him up. Thinking the Dark Centurion was a real villain, the public thought Mitch was a coward. As such, Mitch lost his rep and got fired. Despite this, Mitch decided to get another acting job.
Powers and Abilities
Mitch has no powers. However, he has stunt training. He is also a skilled actor. He skilled enough at fighting to take down two normal people, but enough not the supervillains in the Unholy Alliance.
Astro City TPB "Local Heroes"

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